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KAS Windows LLCRain gutters are important components of your home’s ability to move water and moisture. Even though a little rain may look harmless, if water pools next to your home’s concrete foundation, it can work its way into cracks and create serious damage. When it’s time for your home’s gutter replacement in Mattoon, waiting to act can have expensive consequences. Here are the signs it’s time for new rain gutters.

Cracks in Your Gutters

Rain gutters are typically made from metal and are coated with a moisture-resistant paint. They form a system that directs water off your roof and away from the base of your home. If cracks form over time, rainwater will begin to run in unpredictable directions. To check for cracks, get out your trusty umbrella during a rainstorm and look at whether streams of water are running on the outside of your rain gutters or pooling directly below your roof.

Water or Mildew around Your Home’s Foundation

Pools or mildew near your home are issues you’ll want to address right away. Pooling water can be the result of cracks or other problems, and is a glaring sign you should get your rain gutters replaced.

Rain Gutter Paint Flakes or Rust

Orange flakes or pieces of paint coming off your rain gutters are a typical sign of age. It’s inevitable: all our creations bend to the inescapable power of time, and rain gutters are no exception. When you see these tell-tale symptoms of gutter issues, you’ll want to look into new seamless gutters in Mattoon.

Gutters Detach from the House

This is the most in-your-face sign that your gutters need to be put directly into the scrap heap. When gutters begin to detach from the house, it means they have warped or that their fastenings have unbolted from your roof or side of the house. If this is the case for your property—not to worry. You can call our helpful technicians to install gutter replacement in Mattoon before the next rain storm hits.

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